Our Vision

A world where we all operate from our divine source of love, wisdom and connection, bringing our special gifts to the world transforming the vibration of our planet into love and peace.

Manifestation Divine Mission Statement

Manifestation Divine is a leader in transformational empowerment assisting individuals, groups, communities and business to release limiting beliefs and patterning, inspiring them to reconnect with their inner knowing and wisdom to create lives, businesses and communities guided by love, compassion and divine purpose.

Transform within and transform the world. Transform from the limiting subconscious programming and patterning of who we have believed ourselves to be, into the connected multi-dimensional beings of love, light, and compassion that we really are.

Empower people to reconnect to their innate divine source power and allow this to be their guiding light shaping their beliefs, decision making and actions.

Empowerment is not about giving people power. People already have the power within. MD assists people to connect with their own divine source of power and share it with the world.

Create lives, businesses and communities of love, compassion, purpose, inspiration and joy.

MD achieves our mission by:

  • being a leading example of a business guided by and operating from love, compassion, and divine purpose;
  • being an inspiration to others of what can be achieved when we align with our higher purpose providing opportunities for individuals, couples and families to access a range of transformational counselling, coaching, mindfulness, meditation, healing, energetic, psychic and intuitive services and resources to move beyond limiting beliefs, subconscious programing and patterning and reconnect to our higher knowing;
  • providing a range of training, development and consultancy services assisting individuals, groups, business and communities to expand their knowledge, skills and efficacy in mindful conscious living, personal and business mastery, and reconnecting to our higher knowing and aligning our actions with our divine purpose;
  • connecting with and working with others across the globe in partnership and cooperation to create a critical mass of ‘oneness’ consciousness;
  • operating from an underlying belief that ‘energy’ is the source of all things which connects us all;
  • respecting our diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, values, skills, and abilities whilst understanding our shared source of connectedness and ‘oneness’.
  • providing 10% of all profits to charities in alignment with MD philosophy