Intuitive / Psychic Services

Angel & Tarot Card Readings:

Carrie began using oracle and tarot decks back in 2000 as a divination tool to assist herself, friends and family to gain insights and clarity for a way forward. In 2014 Carrie decided to extend her ability to others she didn’t know personally and became a Certified Angel Card reader through completing training with Doreen Virtue. A beautiful synchronicity given the majority of Carrie’s oracle and tarot decks are ones created by Doreen Virtue herself. 

Carrie was both surprised and humbled when she began to read for highly skilled mediums who further recommended her psychic work. 

If you would like insights and clarity about what it happening in your life and what to do next,  please contact Carrie on 0411 985 965 or email to book your reading today. 

Readings can cover many areas of your life including: life purpose, health, relationships, love, employment, home and travel. Tarot cards are a divination tool to provide you with the confirmation of what you already know within which supports you to make the decisions in best alignment with your true calling.

Pricing: $120.00 for 1 hour reading (in person, via telephone or skype)