Inspirational Speaking

Carrie provides a range of guest presenting and key note speaker inspirational talks.

Carrie speaks of her life’s experiences of:

  • how she has learned to move beyond fears and doubts,
  • how she released old subconscious programming and patterning that no longer served her to create the life of her dreams,
  • how to recognise and build upon the signs and synchronicities that put her in the right place at the right time,
  • those who have presented challenges and those who have been an inspiration to her,
  • the power of gratitude and visualisation,
  • how we create our own realities by the meanings we attach to events in our lives and when we change our meanings or perceptions, we change our life.

Carrie speaks of how every experience, person, event and moment leads us to our next opportunity shaping the gifts we have to bring to the world. 

Even when we don’t know the exact significance of circumstances on our path, in time, it does become clear as it has shaped who we have become and as a result we have an important offering to make because of it.

To book Carrie for a talk or to discuss your needs, please contact us here via Manifestation Divine.