Courses & Workshops

Manifestation Divine provide a range of courses and workshops to facilitate mindful conscious awareness, connection to your higher self and to discover your life purpose. Our courses teach you how to co create the life you truly desire through learning the tools for effective manifestation.

Sacred Women Breathing Space

The Sacred Women Breathing Space is a circle of AWAKENING women coming together to share, grow, and remember our Divine wisdom.


We are beings of infinite intuitive intelligence but we often block our own innate wisdom and act in ways that are in-congruent with our Spirit or Souls guidance. 

Join us each month in our Sacred Women’s Circle where you will gain clarity of your higher truths to become congruent with the divine being you truly are.

Once per month on a Tuesday evening Carrie Faggotter - Energy Coach and Healer facilitates a healing workshop or invites a guest presenter to lead the circle of women to reconnect to their feminine essence and wholeness.

Some reasons why you may wish to attend:

YOU may be
• Feeling run down, stressed or exhausted
• Wanting to create more balance for yourself and those you love
• Ready for your life to flow???

Perhaps you are
• Already feeling the pull of the Divine Feminine rising within you
• No longer wanting to do things the way others in your life have been - In your workplaces, families or friendship groups, 
• Remembering that things don’t have to be so hard and can come to you with more ease and grace
• Already beginning to un-tap your Universal creative flow, and have been
• Reflecting about how you want your life to be and are ready to allow it ???

If this resonates with you…

You are an AWAKENING POWERFUL WOMAN and it is time for us to come together. 

The Sacred Feminine is rising within us all … 

Let us rise in our power together.

Join our circle where we will come together with beautiful Awakening women and
- Be … our true selves
- Meditate and heal
- Return to our sacred feminine essence
- Share with our soul sisters and
- Support one another

For too long the feminine has been suppressed and wounded, believing we are separate from the whole. Separate from all of life and dividing us from the very women we are here support so that we may rise into our power together.

Let us break the chains that have bound us and return together in our SACRED CIRCLE once more.

I am pleased to invite you this month to a SPECIAL Sacred Women Breathing Space where we have Guest presenter Regan Gardiner who will be guiding us through a Belly Dance - Movement Class to connect to our feminine essence. 

In our modern day life we are often disconnected with our own body. The movements of Middle Eastern Dance, or Belly Dance as it is commonly referred to, are a wonderful way to reconnect. The movement patterns and shapes create a flow of energy that allows you to feel into your body in a new and natural way. Belly Dance is not all about the belly, it is a whole body and mind movement.

The benefits of this dance are far reaching. Balance, co-ordination, memory, fitness
 and flexibility are all improved. The best thing about this style of dance is that it is accessible to all women no matter the age, shape, size or fitness level. You work within your own boundaries and will surely see them challenged and moved as you learn more about the dance and how your body can move. 

The movement is feminine, sensual and organic. Belly Dance is danced for women by women and is a wonderful expression of self and community.

Regan has been teaching dance for the past decade and is also a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Places are limited so please book to secure your place as I suspect places will fill quickly.

Go well. I look forward to dancing with you on the 22nd. 

When: Tuesday August 22nd 2017 8:00 – 9:45pm
Where: Essence of Yoga 
Circle honour: $27 per woman (+ $1.14 booking fee)
How: bookings via Essence of Yoga – The Breathing Space on the link below 

http:// workshops-events.html

Vision Board Workshop

2017 is THE YEAR of new beginnings that lays the foundation for the next 9 year cycle of your life…. 

So if you're not already manifesting what you want, now's your opportunity. 

If you want to MANIFEST what you truly desire, instead of what you don’t want, you can’t afford to miss this workshop!

One of my latest manifestations was $10,000 CASH. Yes!!!! Just like that!!! And it happened IN LESS THAN A MONTH OF COMPLETING MY BOARD!

Some of the most successful people in the world use vision boards. Jack Canfield beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says. “Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you.” 

This powerful tool serves as y
our image of the future - a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

I have been creating more and more success for myself over the last 13 years through vision boarding including manifesting travel, health, relationships, material and career aspirations. I even manifested a car! 

You’ll hear more about my successes and failures in the workshop. :) 

I have been facilitating workshops since 2011 - sharing all I’ve learnt with others. 

In this 4.5 hour workshop I will teach you:
• The secrets I’ve discovered, 
• How to create your own vision board that will assist you to manifest what you truly desire, and
• ‘What NOT TO DO’, to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Past attendees of this workshop have manifested many amazing things in their lives including: 

• Lifestyle and career changes that were beyond their dreams (but not their creative imagination), 
• Partners that look near identical to the images chosen,
• Financial benefits from overseas sources (paid in the Australian dollar),
• Fully paid travel and exact vacation destinations (including the specific resorts),
• Sale of property and a home by the sea and in the country (as per their vision), and
• World peace outcomes at a local level. 

Become another of our Manifesting success stories and secure your place on 0411 985 965 or email for payment options. 

If you’ve done vision boards before and they’ve not worked, you are likely to be missing some of the key ingredients I have learned that produce success. I will teach you all I know so that you can get the best results possible.

If 2017 is going to be your year, don’t waste any more time co creating a life you don’t want.

Manifest your Desires will support you to get clear about what you want and enable you to create it!

In this 4.5 hour workshop you will create your own personalised vision board to manifest your future. 

Visualisation focuses you brain by programming its reticulated activating system (RAS) to notice available resources that were always there but were previously unnoticed. Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind, and when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!

Dates of next course: Thursday 31st January 2017,   6:00 - 10:30pm

Venue: Golden Grove

Contribution: $175 per person

To secure your place, please contact on 0411 985 965 or email for payment options. 

To secure your place please transfer to the below (Please let me know so that I can reserve your place):

Bank Transfer Details

People's Choice Credit Union
BSB: 805 050
Account Name: Manifestation Divine
Account Number: 100154284

6 Week Psychic Attunement

Are you highly intuitive or perceptive?

Do you believe in signs and synchronicities?

If you have an interest in developing your own psychic abilities, this 6 week program could be exactly what you’re looking for!

The very fact this has come into your awareness is providing you with an opportunity… An opportunity to expand your connection to your own inner wisdom and higher knowing, so that you can become more in alignment with your true potential and be able to assist others to do the same. 

During the six weeks of Attunement you will receive 12 contact hours to enhance and hone your abilities by learning a range of methods and tools to tap into your own innate wisdom including:

  • Psychometry
  • Tarot and Angel Card reading
  • Flower reading
  • Enhancing synchronicities and reading signs  
  • Energetic fields/protection and healing
  • Dream analysis + more!

We all came to this earth plain with many gifts, including those at other sensory levels not always recognised and sometimes feared in western conditioning.

If you feel pulled to take the next steps please contact to secure your place.


Investment: $200 for full 6 week Attunement  

When: TBA

Where: Golden Grove – Venue provided upon registration

To secure you place please contact Carrie on 0411 985 965 and make a bank transfer to:

BSB: 805 050 (People’s Choice Credit Union)

Account Name: Manifestation Divine

Account Number: 100154284

Sacred Mandala Induction

Unlock the power of your sacred centre in this Mandala Induction, where you will connect to your unlimited potential, self-healing capabilities and inner harmony.

Mandala in Sanskrit is ‘circle’ or ‘completion’ with a long history of being recognised for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. The Mandala is a circular matrix with a centre point – a point from which all things are possible. 

The circular pattern of the mandala appears everywhere. You can seek this geometric shape in all aspects of life. In the galaxy, the sun, and in the nucleus of the cells in your body. In fact, according to the ancient science of Sacred Geometry it is the pattern created by interlocking spheres that forms the matrix of all Universal matter. 

To the Tibetan monks the sand mandala represents multi-dimensional fields of spiritual consciousness and the state of enlightenment. To the Native Americans, the medicine wheel symbolizes the sacred ceremonial space and the circle of life. 

In this 3 hour Induction you will:
• Be supported to create your own Sacred Mandala(s) and take away the tools to create endless mandalas in the future 
• Learn a Sacred Mantra to connect deeply to your inner wholeness and spiritual consciousness 
• Initiate you own inner healing journey
• Connect to and process deep emotions from within the unconscious self
• Learn how to resolve inner conflicts to bring about greater stability and harmony, and 
• Expand your creativity, intuition and wellbeing.

Mandalas are a symbol and instrument of natural energy within you, that both gives you stability and pulls you beyond your limiting self to become more whole – more completely who you really are.

If you would like to unlock the infinite possibilities of your potential - book into this Induction today.

When: TBA
Where: Golden Grove (address provided upon registration)
Light supper and all materials provided
Investment: $150.00 per person

Places are limited to 5 and will fill quickly. 

To secure your place, please transfer $150 into the Bank details below. (please put you name in the reference section)

People’s Choice Credit Union
BSB: 805 050
Account Name: Manifestation Divine
Account Number: 100154284

Manifest Now

Are you truly manifesting what you really want in your life, or are you co-creating a life that you don't want?

In this 3 hour workshop you will discover what has been holding you back and learn key manifesting tools and approaches that will see you change the way you think and create in the world.

We are infinite source energy, when we know how to tap into it! When we are in flow, we are indeed very powerful beings. 

If you want to learn how to get into flow so that you can co-create the life you want (not the one you have), sign up for Manifest NOW!

Places are limited
Investment: $75

Venue: The Mawson Centre
Corner Mawson Lakes Boulevard and Main street (opposite the Mawson Lakes Hotel).

If you're ready to start manifesting your true desires,  please contact on 0411 985 965 or email for payment options to secure your manifesting space.  

Entering the NOW - Becoming Mindful (2 hour seminar)

Are you curious about mindfulness and what it really means to be mindful? Or perhaps you've already started to become more mindful and would like to learn more.

'Entering the Now' provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn about mindfulness and how to incorporate this active, present moment awareness into your own life. 

Carrie Faggotter is a mindful practitioner, coach and healer who supports others to reach their full potential. She was a Social Worker for 15 years, managing a range of services in that time, and through her own mindful practice has been able to totally change her life. Having trained with a Buddhist Monk 10 years ago, she learned much about the illusions of our perceived reality and how to experience life as it truly is, without judgment or attachment.

When: TBA  

$30.00 per person.

To find out when our next session is being held, please contact on 0411 985 965 or email

Mindful, Conscious Living   

Become present, connect to your inner awareness and create the life you DESIRE.

Mindful, Conscious Living is a foundational course that brings much insight and practical application and skill development to understand why we do what we do and how to start to create something different to what we have always had.

Please read the attached flyer to learn more about the program, including more on Mindfulness and ACT.

Mindful, Conscious Living April 2016 Flyer Mindful, Conscious Living April 2016 Flyer (623 KB)

The Mindful, Conscious Living program is offered as a 2 day workshop or 6 week program (16 hours contact time) based on Mindfulness practice and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This course provides you with understandings of the conscious and subconscious mind and their impacts upon your life’s ups and downs ; mindfulness skill development and how to become present in the ‘now’; proven psychological tools to assist you to manage painful thoughts, feelings and experiences; the ability to recognise why patterns or events keep repeating in your life and how to alter them; assist you to clarify your values; and inspire and motivate you to take action in areas that will enrich your life.

Dates of next course: TBA

Pricing: $449.00 

If you want to learn how to bring your awareness within to expand your consciousness, and steer your life in the direction of your dreams, please contact on 0411 985 965 or email to find out how. 

Mindful Manifesting – The Next Level - 3 Day Course

In order to attend Mindful Manifesting – The Next Level it is a prerequisite that you have completed ‘Mindful, Conscious Living’ or have had extensive training and/or experience in Mindfulness and ACT. This foundation knowledge and experience is considered key to actualising the learnings of The Next Level. If one has not cultivated a practice of acceptance and mindfulness, elements taught at the Next Level will not resonate as effectively. Please contact to discuss your particular circumstances if you would like to attend this course.

Mindful Manifesting – The Next Level teaches you how to manifest what you truly desire by re-connecting to the natural flow of  love and abundance. The three day course is offered across two consecutive days, and the third day, a fortnight later. This structure provides an initial intense experiential immersion opportunity, followed by the final day where you consolidate what you've learnt, review what you are now co-creating differently, and fine tune gaps in your manifesting journey.   

Through our normal life conditioning, we have come to not only 'believe', but ‘store’ within our energy system untruths about ourselves - our true capabilities and the power we have within. When we bring our awareness to the range of patterns that sabotage our greatest potential in our subconscious mind and also within our energetic cellular memory, we are able to connect to and process them, and return to our natural sate where we can create lives guided by our divine wisdom.

The Next Level will teach you:

  • what has been holding you back from manifesting what you truly desire,
  • how to recognise when you are in flow and out of flow, 
  • how to return to your natural vibration of flow and alignment,
  • uncover and heal some of your most limiting patterns through inner child healing,
  • how to reach forgiveness energetically - not just in the mind,
  • how to harness the energy state you desire, so the Universe can deliver want you really want,
  • key manifesting tools and approaches that will see you change the way you think and create in the world, 
  • where to access further resources that will continue to assist you on your personal healing journey, and
  • establish the links with quantum science about how you are co creating your reality and transforming your life.

Dates of next course: July 2016 (Dates to be finalised with participants who register).

Pricing: $799.00 

If you're ready to reconnect to your natural vibration of love and manifest from your true source, please contact on 0411 985 965 or email to discuss how this course can work for you.


Calling in Your Spirit

Calling in your Spirit is a 7 hour one day workshop that assists you to connect with your inner spirit or higher self. We have become so busy in our everyday lives that we have become ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings’ and tend to forget the essence of who we truly are. Manifestation Divine services are based upon the belief that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human existence. We have become so caught up in what we believe needs to happen and who we believe we have to be, that we have forgotten to listen to our higher calling or who we truly are.

If you are searching for something that feels missing, remembering or feeling that there is more to how you can live your life, and are ready to reclaim your innate knowing, wholeness and intuition this is the workshop for you.

In this course you will be supported to: give yourself the space and time to reconnect with your spirit through a range of meditations and activities, identify the behaviours, thoughts and feelings that keep you separated from your spirit, align with the energy flow of your divine spirit, feel at peace with where you are in this very moment and create your plan of action to keep you connected to your spirit as you move forward in this world.

Dates of next course: TBA

Pricing: $295. 00

If you're feeling that a part of you is missing that you wish to reclaim, please contact on 0411 985 965 or email to discuss when the next course is available and how else we can assist.