Vision to Reality - Top 7 Tips to Manifest with Vision Boarding

Jan 04, 2016 | Carrie Faggotter | permalink

Not only did I manifest the partner I put on my vision board, I manifested the very image of the desired man in more ways than one. It was 12 years ago that I created my first vision board, and I was astonished at how quickly it produced results. 

I had spent hours flicking through magazines trying to find a picture that represented a man that would want to be a father and would consider his family a priority. I saw multiple pictures of male models on their own, before I came upon a picture of a man in his mid 30's carrying a young boy on his shoulders. Yep, that's it... I thought. I've found it! That represents the man of my dreams.... A man who wants to be a dad and prioritise his family. I was so excited. So, on he went... right smack bang in the middle of the board. The colours in the scenery even complimented the rest of the images I had already selected for my board... Perfect! Absolutely Perfect!

Well, it wasn't actually so perfect after all. The man I ended up dating for the next 18 months was indeed a man who prioritised his family, but he already had the child. A three year old boy (the same age the child would have been in the image), and every time we'd go to the shops, his son was (Yep, you guessed it...) propped right up on his shoulders. I couldn't believe how specific the results were. He was a loving father who valued his role as a dad so much, that he had 50-50% shared care of his son, since he and his wife had separated two years prior. He had many of the qualities I was looking for in a partner, but what I really wanted was a man who was yet to start his family, and would want to with me.

It was then, that I understood just how powerful Vision Boarding could be and there hasn't been a year go by that I haven't created one as part of my manifesting ritual. Over the years I have learned many useful insights that I'd like to share with you now, which is why I've formulated these Top 7 Tips for Manifesting Your Desires with Vision Boarding.

Tip 1: Dedicate the time  

This is actually quite critical. Vision boarding takes longer than you think, and you need to commit an uninterrupted block of time to complete it. Many people who have attended my Vision Board Workshops had previously tried numerous times unsuccessfully to manifest with vision boards, because they didn't give themselves enough time to complete it. When you purposefully dedicate 4-5 hours to complete your vision board, you send a loud message to the Universe that 'This Is It!'. This is what you're vision is, and by completing it, you are acknowledging it as already done. Not to complete your board sends a message to the Universe of uncertainty and doubt or 'you're not ready yet', so the Universe is unable to deliver. Make sure to set the date and time you're going to allocate to this important activity. You are creating your future here, so give it the appropriate time.

Tip 2: Create the right energy

There are a range of ways to do this. Firstly ensure that the space you're creating your vision board in, will be without interruptions. Do it while the kids are at school or arrange for them to be looked after. You may like to do your vision board on your own or with others. Having others share the experience can assist with joint manifesting energies of intention, but if this doesn't feel right, do what feels right for you. Make sure you have prepared some snacks and drinks you can access with ease so you can nibble when you get hungry. You don't want to stop mid way, as this will interrupt your flow.

In my workshops, I guide participants through meditation and breathing activities that helps people release blocks and be open to their dreams before we commence. You can do your own calm breathing and meditation to get into the right state to allow your creativity to align with your dreams. I also always use calming music whilst vision boarding and limit discussion. If you're vision boarding with others, don't talk too much as it will disconnect you from accessing your intuition and inner guidance that will assist you to know where to place pictures and words. Because, yes, that too has significance. I'll get to that later.

Tip 3: To prepare or not prepare?

Some people are very organised and start to collect images or words in advance because they know exactly what they want. This ensures they have the images and words available, even if they choose not to use them. Others have a couple of ideas in mind that they wish to manifest, and trust that they will find it in the magazines they use. I have used both approaches without any noticeable difference in results. The very fact you're seeking out images and words to match your dreams, begins the manifestation process and allows your subconscious mind to program and align accordingly. If vision boarding with others, ask them to look out for particular words or images your looking for and you will be surprised at the results. 

Tip 4: Set your intention (timeline)

I always advise people set an intended time frame for their vision board. Whether it be 6 months, a year or another timeline. It helps you to get very clear about what you're wanting to manifest and when. If you're not wanting to have a baby in the next year and your vision board is created with a 12 month intended time frame, consider what imagery you want on there. I have some very interesting stories. :) Remember the Universe will deliver. It may not always be in our intended time frame, as there is always 'Divine timing' at play, but in some form, you will create your vision. 

Tip 5: Feel into it 

What do I mean by this? Tune into your creativity and intuition and notice where it feels right to place images alongside of other images and wording. It may feel counter intuitive to place a particular word alongside another image or word. Listen to this. I have learned that placement counts in manifesting,  and in hindsight have seen the meanings I have unintentionally  created. Don't be overly concerned about this. Just be aware, and listen to the creative within you. It will all work out.

Some people like to cut out all words and images they're attracted to, and compile the placement once they feel they have what they need. I cut and place images down as I go and glue at the end. Others, like to lay out their vision boards in the format of a feng shui bagua, representing certain areas of their life. I have a friend who likes to compile different boards for different topics (eg. relationships, health, career etc.). Just give it a go, and do what feels right for you. 

Tip 6: Protect it

Protect your vision board from damage and from others. Other people's negativity can impact upon your belief about your ability to manifest. So, put it in a spot where you'll see it, but it's protected from the gazing view of the naysayers.

I also recommend you create your board on a large thin sheet of card that can be laminated.  They look all shiny and special once done, and store with ease, taking up minimal space stacking on top or alongside of one another. I never laminated the first few boards I created, and consequently lost bits over the years. 

I lost a ticket to win a Ford Focus that I'd stuck to it, but funnily enough still manifested a car of that make and model in the last month of the year. I had even decided on another vehicle until I found out it was no longer made in a four door model. Upon deliberating over two vehicles, I changed my mind at the last minute to the Ford Focus because I just wasn't happy with the steering wheel of the other vehicle, and the Focus had a lovely leather steering wheel. It was only after some months that I remembered that the ticket I'd lost to win the Focus, actually had a picture of its leather steering wheel on it. 

Tip 7: View & review it

Pictures are powerful and they program our subconscious mind to seek out and find what it is we desire. As in my example  about the ticket to win the car, even though after some months the ticket was lost, my subconscious mind was already programmed to find what it was looking for. How did this happen? In our brain there is a part known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that notices available resources that were previously unnoticed. The RAS acts somewhat like a missile and seeks out and finds it's target. This is one of the ways vision boarding works to manifest our dreams. 

So, how long should you view your board for? Put it in a place where you will see regularly, at least twice a day. I never kept my boards out all year and they still manifested, so trust your own judgement about how long to keep it in view. You'll know.

Lastly, remember to look back over and review your vision boards. You will be surprised how things manifest both within   and outside of your intended time frame if you just look.

Happy Manifesting :)

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xx Carrie