Life, not all it's cracked up to be?

Sep 01, 2015 | Carrie Faggotter | permalink

As I walked through the large nature reserve next to my home, having not been on this particular track in some time, I noticed all the cracks in the path that had been exposed to the harsh elements of weather over the last few months. Having endured such a cold winter, only for spring to arrive rather suddenly mimicking more of a summer on some days given the exceeding temperatures, I pondered upon how the Earth was trying to adapt and cope. As I walked on, larger gaps and cracks were dominating as the land was spreading with deep crevices making visible that which previously laid underneath the surface. I noticed how it had changed the path of the bull ants who were still going about their daily business, but how I now needed to give an even wider birth, so as not to step on them. The erosion reminded me of my own life, and how I often take little care of myself, continuing to ride out the harsh daily conditions only giving myself the nurturing support once the cracks start to appear. 

Around 6 months ago I wrote myself a little reminder on a post it note that I kept by my bed. It read “I can nurture myself before I get completely drained.” And yet, here I was, grounded again with sickness that was forcing me to go within and observe what the cracks were exposing beneath the surface. This time even my vocal cords were in on the lesson, preventing me from speaking at all for three days and with limited ability for over a week. My new affirmation now reads “I lovingly nurture myself daily enabling my divine energy source to flow freely.” Note there is no word or acknowledgement of being drained at all this time.

I believe many of us wait until our bodies are crying out to us before we change our patterns. Some of us have not been listening or recognising the signs for so long, that we are literally taken down before we listen to what is being communicated to us. 

I find it so interesting because I have indeed been listening to and following my inner wisdom far more that I have in the past. I have given myself permission to do things differently to how I have traditionally ‘run the show.’ Hmmm…. that’s funny, and a clue within itself for others out there who want to be in control of how ‘it’ all happens.  The very fact that I allow my intuition to guide and support me in the evolution of business ownership is a big shift for me. Heavens, working for myself is a big shift, but even when you love what you’re doing because you feel in true alignment with your purpose you can still get out of balance and not hear the Universe’s wisdom speaking within.  For me it’s not so much lessons about quantity of work anymore. On many levels I have quite successfully rewired the old pattern of always needing to do more. As I listen accurately, I personally understand for me, that it is more about fine tuning my antenna about what I choose to pursue and what I choose to leave for now, or not give any energy or attention to at all. When I tune in properly, the signal is indeed very clear.

We are all being given opportunities to connect with the infinite intelligence that resides within us. For some of us, it is through the cracks opening that we start to see what has really been ‘running the show’ beneath the surface, and that in the long term whatever is down there cannot continue to sustain our growth and development. Just as erosion takes place in areas not planted with living, sustained life force, nor can we grow and thrive on old patterning or limiting beliefs that are not consistent with the core of who we truly are. 

So, in this first blog of mine through Manifestation Divine, I invite you to consider this question yourself – 

What lies beneath the surface that is now ready to be exposed to the light? Ask yourself this question over the next week and genuinely listen within for the answers to come forth.

We have all been to some degree or another living lives guided by beliefs, patterns, thoughts, memories and feelings that are ready to be surfaced so that a new landscape can develop. Some of us have minor cracks, others already have gaping crevices. Regardless of where you are and what yours look like, notice them through the eyes of loving compassion, for they are just an opening to allow healing to occur. Because, yes, it is time.

Blessings to you all, 
Carrie with her first ever blog post
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