Are you afraid of REALLY being seen? Coming into the Divine Feminine.

Apr 10, 2017 | Carrie Faggotter | permalink

Are you Afraid of ‘REALLY’ being seen?


Those of you who know me or have worked with me, know that I follow signs. And, the more that I have allowed myself over the years to connect to my own ‘divine feminine essence’, the more signs and synchronicities have illuminated the path for me to follow.

As though the Mother herself, is guiding me into the natural flow and rhythm of life…

        So that I can be, exactly where I am meant to be,

                   to experience what I am here to receive and integrate into my own experience,

     and to share with others                                                                                                                       so that we can all remember who we really are, together as one.


Last week, I was walking back from meditating in the nature sanctuary next door to where I live. I was walking up a track on the edge of the reserve near a row of houses, and I saw something that I’d never seen before in all my years of spending time there.

Up ahead on the hill, I saw what appeared to be either a ginger cat or fox heading in exactly the same direction, on the same path as myself. As I sped up to get closer, I could see that She was indeed a cat, walking confidently at pace … her body and tail swaying in perfect harmony. You could feel she knew exactly where she was going with both poise and purpose, like a wise queen confidently moving through her kingdom.

As I came closer, she instantly became aware I was there and shrunk down and froze, hiding amongst the trees. The moment ‘SHE HAD BEEN SEEN’, all of her natural confidence, grace, and flow immediately turned into a need to protect – to make herself small, and to blend into the shadows.

Now, this got me thinking about US


Her being ORANGE (or ginger) was no coincidence in my mind,  given the orange energy centre (or sacral chakra) at our womb space where we carry our power as women, and also hold the lineage of trauma and suppression of the feminine psyche too.

Now, on one level, we as women KNOW OUR POWER!

We know,

We feel,

We see,

And, we sense our innate Divine creation abilities.

BUT….. When we are REALLY SEEN,

When those parts of ourselves that have been unsafe to show externally are now exposed, our fear and insecurities surface and we can go into protection mode or feel the need to shut down. Even when we know we are the powerful, graceful cat.

I know when I have this feeling, I just want to close over for fear of being hurt again.

Personally, I notice this discomfort and the ‘need to protect’ shows up when others can read or feel me better than I can myself. When they can see the parts of me that I don’t want them to see. The vulnerable parts of me, that I want to hide away from myself, in whatever form or feeling they take.

I remember a time in my career when I was among the HIERARCHY… I was one of those who were seemingly successful in status, in earning ability, and holding a position of power. At the time, I had a female Executive Director whose duality baffled me. On the one hand I despised her (YES, I had strong feelings about her) apparent lack of empathy in decision making regarding community needs, and yet, on the other hand, I endowed her innate ability to intuit what I, and others were feeling. She had clearly tapped into her own feminine clairsentience, and whilst her ability to read me was both uncomfortable and unnerving, I felt an affinity with her Divine connection that I would later come to respect.

It was this same woman whose actions I had judged, and whose actions I had felt repelled by, that inspired me to leave the ‘synthetic masculine’ world of power and control, leading me into my path of becoming a healer and coach to do the work that I still do today. Years later, when I was able to speak with her about how I felt, she articulated how she too had been caught in a dominant culture that did not align with her heart either.

Yes, there are still parts of me that I am scared to enter. Let alone, allow others to see.

Certain spaces within the space of vulnerability that the walls are still barricaded because I’ve not been able to resolve them firstly within myself. An affliction of those disconnected from parts of their Divine Feminine – where the feeling self has not been fully awakened or honoured.

Perhaps, because of the feminine trauma carried through our Ancestral lines.

Perhaps, still from the dominance of the ‘Synthetic Masculine’ or ‘Yang’ existence where the ‘feminine’ or ‘yin’ is relegated as weak, not useful, or inadvertently blocking progress in a thought based, goal and action directed, competitive, consumerist based society.

Whatever the reason(s), which I am sure are multi -layered, I do not believe I am alone.

There are others of you out there, OTHER WOMEN who also feel scared to enter into your vulnerability.. Into the space of your divine feminine knowing, creativity and wisdom.

Other women, who are hiding in the shadows not allowing your whole self to be seen.  Some of you are continuing to succeed or not succeed in draining, depleting, soul destroying environments – workplaces, home lives, and friendship circles.

Some of you have already begun to make the shifts, to edge your way out of what is no longer serving you, as you align to your purpose and reawaken the parts of you … the divine feminine and the divine masculine combined.

Some of you are women who did not disconnect from your feeling, intuitive, creative selves and have continued to connect strongly to your feminine essence, but may have struggled to make a way for yourself in this life. Unable to manifest or meet your basic needs because the divine masculine (or yang) is still to be awakened and to come into balance within you. 

And, some of you are coming into the beautiful balance of divine masculine and divine feminine perfectly combined – BEYOND the illusion of any duality, into WHOLENESS.

Are you like the ginger cat?

Making yourself small or shrinking into the shadows to keep yourself safe or less vulnerable?

Are you like the queen in all her power, sharing her kingdom and her wholeness?

Regardless of where you are, where we all are…..

Are you allowing yourself to truly BE SEEN?

To be seen in your power

                               To be seen in your grace

  To be seen in your leadership

                                                To be seen in your collaboration

            To be seen in your nurturing

     To be seen in your sexuality

                           To be seen in your abundance

                                                                                                 To be seen in your passion

              To be seen in your desires

To be seen in your vulnerability

                To be seen in your creativity

                                To be seen in your compassion

To be seen in your feeling expressions (anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, shame, guilt, shock and LOVE)

                    To be seen in your wisdom

                                           To be seen in your ability to heal

      To be seen in your connection to nature and her seasons (as well as your own cycles)

To be seen in your fierce protection of the planet and your children

                                                                                                  To be seen in your fertility

     To be seen in your empathy and understanding

 To be seen in your intuition

To be seen in your ‘truth seeking’

            To be seen filling up your own well (before giving it to others)

                                           To be seen in your ability to be supported by the divine masculine

      To be seen as the provider of Shakti

To be seen in your assertiveness


We are coming into wholeness through the illusion of balancing and integrating the parts of the whole.

We have always been the whole, 

and it is NOW that we are remembering and allowing our true selves to be seen.

Go well,

Carrie xx

Manifestation Divine

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