Awakening Within - Are You Paying Attention?

Jan 13, 2016 | Carrie Faggotter | permalink

Have you noticed how it doesn't take much to get you off centre lately? Other's energy can seem overwhelming or even obtrusive as you feel a real need for time alone, to go within and reflect upon where you are in life and what you're being called to do.  Or, perhaps you're literally off centre, as life has thrust major, unexpected changes upon you - literally pulling you out of your comfort zone - that 'safe little place' that, whilst comfortable and cosy, is well know to inhibit our growth. I am hearing this from many people I connect with in recent times. Some of us are experiencing the changes with more or less angst, however, regardless of your experience, we are all being called to pay attention.

We are awakening to the inherent knowing within us that sees beyond the illusion. And, whilst this has been happening for a significant period of time, the energy is heightening so a critical mass can connect with a 'Unity Consciousness' - where the notion of separation is no longer possible as we understand our true connected-ness to all. 

More and more people are becoming physically and mentally ill as our spirit speaks to us through our physical being. Low energy foods are less tolerated as we continue to expand our consciousness. Some are no longer able to eat what they used to, as our bodies react to highly processed 'food like products' that no longer contain life force energy within. Our bodies can only continue to cleanse and repair so often, before it says enough! Many are changing to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles as people's awareness broadens and their 'circle of caring' extends to all living creatures on our earth.  Even, well known celebrities speak of no longer being able to consume meat - beautiful creatures, who have become filled with fear as our world has labelled them merely a commodity.

We are becoming dissatisfied with our careers, relationships and living situations, even those that may have spanned many years. Relationships are evolving or ending as people's energy vibrations alter, and seek those in similar alignment. People are leaving in droves, jobs that have left them unfulfilled, to find ways they can bring their special gifts to the world. And, many are no longer swayed by the 'more, more, more' and 'bigger is better' consumerist rhetoric, looking for more sustainable living options including downsizing to tiny homes and living off grid to reduce their blueprint upon our precious earth. 

Awareness is raising about the rights of people, across all borders - women, indigenous peoples, same sex attracted, diverse communities, and (near and dear to my heart) the animals and environment. Yes, there is still horrific acts of violence occurring. Even, in this day and age the raping and pillaging continues to occur on a mass scale to our people, creatures and our land. 

Could this be, however an attempt to wake up all those who are still asleep in their slumber? Asleep within the auto pilot of their lives... Asleep within the old prescribed ways of doing things (because that's how it has always been done)... Asleep within the day dream that if it's not happening to them, it has no real significant impact... Asleep to the knowing that there is indeed enough for all, when we reconsider actual need and resource distribution. Or, could this indeed be a wake up call for all of us, still blurry with slumber filled lenses creating the illusion of separation, that in reality prevents us from seeing the connected-ness of the whole? 

So, if you are feeling off centre, perhaps you're being called to go within and seek the answers that are already inside you. For there, you will find your answers, and there you will realign to your natural flow of love, 'oneness' and connection. Because from there, we really do change the world. 



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