About Manifestation Divine

Manifestation Divine provides a range of transformational services for individuals, groups, communities, services and business. Whether it be in our personal or professional lives, often we continue to reproduce similar patterns or situations because we don’t know how to remove the obstacles that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Manifestation Divine is founded on the belief that we all have inherent strengths and gifts to share, and that we are living in a time of ‘awakening’ and ‘transformation’ where we are letting go of old patterns, behaviours and lifestyles that no longer serve us. We are moving beyond the illusions of fear, greed, anger and separation and reconnecting with our divine self and ‘oneness’, enabling us to make the transition into the life of our dreams where we can bring our finest contribution to the world.

After 15 years of social work, management and counselling practice, combined with her own life experience Carrie, the founder of Manifestation Divine came to understand that some of life’s experiences cannot be processed through cognitive processing alone. She had seen countless colleagues advocate years of therapy for clients, with no significant changes in behaviour nor improvement in people’s lives which was not something she could willingly support.

Carrie had long been on the self-development and spiritual path when in 2006 she was drawn to meditation and studied with a Buddhist monk who taught her much about conscious awareness and how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into her daily practice. Whilst Carrie was both excited and pleased to see an increased acceptance of such philosophies with the convergence of mindfulness and neuroscience spread across the psychology and counselling professions, she felt strongly there was more. In 2011 this led Carrie into the ‘energetic healing’ space where she started to train in a range of healing modalities that she and others now combine in their practice, bringing all the pieces together in an holistic mind, body, spirit approach through Manifestation Divine.

Mindfulness and meditation approaches not only bring our awareness into the present moment, they also allow us to connect to our pure awareness where the impermanence of all other things is recognised. The field of neuroscience articulates how our brain’s subconscious mind stores and retrieves old programming that continues to produce the same outcomes in our lives as a result of being on ‘autopilot’. Energetic healing assists to release unhelpful patterns or programming that is not only reinforced in the subconscious mind, but also within the body and at cellular memory level. It is often the implications of energy stored at this level that keeps us feeling stuck and repeating the same unwanted patterns in our lives. The mind can achieve only so much, but when we process and allow the energy to release from our physical and subtle bodies, great shifts can occur, ultimately reconnecting us with our inner spirit.

Manifestation Divine services are based on a philosophy that we are manifesting our own reality (now being validated through Quantum science) and that people are awakening to this inherent power within. MD operates from an understanding that the individual programing and patterning has also been operating at a much larger scale within groups, bureaucracies, institutions, and corporations filtering into societies and our planet as a whole. Fear, greed, consumerism, hate, separation from ourselves and others is being witnessed across the globe with devastating effects. A ‘lack’ or ‘scarcity consciousness’ has spread across the world building more fear and separation supporting a belief of competition rather than an ‘abundance consciousness’ with enough for all. Fortunately there are many who do not adhere to these beliefs and there is a growing spiritual and consciousness raising movement that believes that love is all there really is and in love there is always enough for all.

In 2011, Manifestation Divine was birthed to support people to connect to their own inner knowing and higher self – the part of ourselves that has always been there but is often hidden behind the mask of the ‘limiting Ego’. Through Manifestation Divine, Carrie and the MD team aim to support as many people as possible to remove the obstacles that are holding them back from creating and living the life they have always dreamed of. When we are living our life purpose we bring light to the world and all those in it! 

And, we can all benefit from more of that!